Small Animal Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation

The benefits of physical therapy have long been recognized for humans to manage chronic, painful or debilitating conditions and facility recovery from injury, orthopedic surgery, and neurological disorders. Our small animal companions suffer from the same or very similar conditions, and can also achieve remarkable results through physical rehabilitation.

Physical rehabilitation helps pets that are compromised by muscle weakness, painful or arthritic joints, movement abnormalities, aging-related disorders and functional decline or are recovering from surgery. In addition, conditioning programs can improve overall fitness, facilitate weight loss, lessen the chance of future injury, and reduce or possibly eliminate the need for medical treatment or surgical intervention.

Treatment plans are designed to improve range of motion, functional weight-bearing, strength, balance, coordination and endurance in order to regain and maintain comfort and health of muscles, bones and joints. Pets of all ages, sizes, and breeds can have improved quality of life as a result of therapeutic interventions that can minimize the effects of disability, slow physical decline, promote weight loss, and allow earlier return to normal function and previous level of activity following surgical procedures.

Rehabilitation appointments are scheduled during the following times:

Tuesday and Thursday: 10 am – 8 pm
Wednesday and Friday: 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 1 pm


Barb Guse, PT, CCRP

Barb is a licensed physical therapist and graduate of the Northwestern University Medical School Physical Therapy Program. She has specialized in orthopedic, sports and work-related injuries, and since 2001 has worked exclusively in small animal rehabilitation. In 2003, Barb was among the first group of professionals to become certified as canine rehabilitation practitioners. Veterinary Specialists is pleased to offer her expertise and therapy services on-site.